Common questions

1How much does a website
The question "how much the site" same question "how much car". What car you need - carry potatoes, ride off-road, ganyati to mіstu, travel with family? Zaporozhets, Delikli, Jeep, Ferrarі, Ikarus can? With the sunroof and air conditioning? Automatic Chi mehanіka? Answer the question "how much the site" we can only after a thorough conversation and understanding, what kind of site will need to, to improve your business. If you are interested, What is the cost of site, answer: about a month of teamwork good specialists - Project Manager, designer (i often one), verstalnika, Programmer, Editor / копірайтера, Content manager and possibly a few more people (Photographer, animator , i іlyustratora etc.). Tse expensive, but ultimately profitable. A lot of companies willing to teach thousands of dollars on outdoor advertising, printing and souvenirs, thus can not even think about, that the site plays an equally important role in building a successful business. As a result, divlyatsya than those, which will bring profit site, and who best solve their problem, elementary and choose where, a deal. Believe, good site can give your business more than you think and quickly pays for itself. Bad can cost significantly less, but eventually turn lost customers and profits forgone. A good site - This is primarily an information center, working 24 hours a day and is able to tell customers about the benefits of your products or services. Tell more and clearer, than many of your employees. About those, scho slit Mauger Dachi you a good site, we write soon.?
2What guarantees, that work will be done in full? Do you enter into a contract?
So, all customers without exception we make a written agreement, which sets out the exact cost and turnaround time. An integral part of the contract is a technical specification (TS) to develop.
3How long will it take for site development (time)?
Definitely can not say, because it depends on the project. Exact dates will be listed only in the contract, after approval of the terms of reference for the development site. Naykorotshy lines, for which we have created the site - 3 days. The longest - more than a year. Why is that? The first site was a static, contained 4 Page, all information on it was presented by the client, odrazu spodobavsya design. The second site was developed not slow, a postupovo. After completion of the planned, was immediately taken action on rozvynennyu project and its improvement. By sutі, the work is not stopped - at new opportunities, dopysuyutsya new modules for more convenient management portal. Also, very frequent situation, when the client retains the further development. It starts with the words "Tomorrow I'll send you vsі textiles", A month later you can hear "I was on vacation, think you have done" or "My assistant had to send you. Probably, Forgot". Of course, in such cases, we, possible, trying to remind customers, they involve not only our time, ale th svіy. Approximate typical development sites listed here offer price of.
4Are discounts?
Discounts and various bonuses may be granted: Research, educational and cultural nonprofit organizations; an increase in project timeframe; in the second order of service or if you bring a new client.
5Do you register domain names?
So, register. We are the official partner Hostpro.


1How much is the service site?
From 30 u.o. month. The cost of servicing the site or the monthly cost includes the cost of hosting + price update information at. The cost of updating information on the site depends on the update. The most common in our practice is the rate of 30 to 100 u.o. month. Or the information is changed once or twice a year, then advantageous to pay no monthly, and, directly, for a single onovlennya.
2How many offer design options?
Âk rule, developed a model, which is then refined. Layout developed based on the Brief, which is a task to design. The cost of developing exclusive layout in our small. Company, offered by the same amount 3m development layouts, create a data model of design based on design templates. Template website design does not cost anything,. Come to our office and we will show you thousands of templates, rather than 3 options. By customer request at an additional cost we can develop several options for layout design. Ale practice it shows, that better - enemy of good. The customer gets more options, can not choose, begins to compose. The result is not perfect.
3Can we update yourself online?
So, can.
4How much advertising and promotion?
Cheaper, than TV, radio, in paper products. On the Internet it is possible to show ads only to your target audience. You can set the region, which will show ads, for example, m. Kyiv. You can select the show, for example, with 10:00 to 19:00 weekdays. You can specify a list of search queries to advertise on Yandex, Rambler, Google, і т.д. Contact us and we will find you the most suitable option and answer all your questions.
5Will our site on the first pages of search engines: Yandex, Google, Bing, Rambler?
Possibly, but 100% garantiї no one to get. If competitors do not have Internet, the probability of high. If competitors are already, that, sorry, a good place now occupied. Tim is not the mens, This does not mean, that there is no chance. For some money we provide advertising and SEO.
6Why advertise site, can do his promotion in search engines?
Our sites are made correctly, at the technological cycle is incorporated criteria competent indexing site search engines. With regard to promotion, then the various methods of black Your site may simply exclude from a search engine, then your site in general no one will never find. Now even some arguments: You no guaranteed outcome. Money will forward all. You no guarantee how long your site will hold the first position. Then there will be the site of your competitors. A Your znikne. You can not predict and calculate the average cost of targeted visitors. Even if your site and will be for a specific keyword in the first position, then there are many other demands of synonyms. You can not quickly change the keyword query, text, that there will jump out, and hyperlinks In the case of a planned advertising campaign: You have the media plan and clearly understand that by paying. Based on the media plan can make a prediction of the minimum efficiency. At any moment you can change the search term, Customer, Text ogoloshennya banner abo. Banner advertising is constantly being improved. You are leaving the most effective. Inefficient replaced by new. Get guaranteed results. The average cost of a click is about 50 cents. If you have a little competition, then the cost will be much lower.
7How many mailboxes we do?
So much, how much you would.


1Why you so much?
Because we are professionals. They are not satisfied with low salaries. They do not know how to work poorly. We are working on the final result, rather than the number of design options or verstayuchyh pages. We give a lifetime warranty on the work we performed.
2Why are you such low prices?
We always welcome, If you pay more.
3Do you have any hidden charges when developing site
In developing the site, You have a Works Act, which accurately displays the final cost of all services. Prices on the dollar
4How many people involved in the development site?
To create a site is not one person. Usually, project pratsyuyut: manager, designer, verstalnik, programmer and tester. From the very beginning of the project with you is a project manager (project manager). He is the technical problem, negotiates with the client in the office or communicate by email or phone, coordinates all errors and monitors the execution of works and compliance with the terms. The designer creates a concept of future design, discuss it with the manager. At this stage the complexity (and opportunity) layout, usability future site. More drawn final, consistent with the client. After approval of design, work to begin coder. It converts the picture to clear and the necessary browser code. When the coder fulfilled their part, project to connect programmers. They "enliven" site - make it a dynamic. Also, programmers add the necessary modules, create new, involved in setting - essentially, perform the most cumbersome part of the whole work. Then begins the work of testers (QA, Quality Assurance). He is sure, that all the buttons pressed, all transitions in site faithful, site fills with preliminary information. And in general - that the site is under maintenance tasks
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