Promo site – Tse Internet-resource, the main purpose of which is, to bring a product, service, event or brand and win customers with its selection. This is the main difference from the introduction site or portal, serving general information on all products without emphasis on any one. You can spend a certain analogy between this site and promotional booklet or poster. Âk rule, promotional sites used to attract attention while small on the length of campaigns or image forming part of the company. Typically, a promotional site dedicated to one product and most focused on the interaction with users.

Typically, these events created on the eve of release or new product. Also a good example of promotion of sites can serve as sites, created before the release of a new movie or release of a new car brand. Often promotional sites bought in addition to the main site, to select one of the products. But these sites make sense, only when there is a fairly wide range of goods and there is a goal strongly select one of them.

Another difference is the large number of graphics and multimedia presentations, new product. Most of, promotional sites are interactive, that may affect visitor, for example, the color of the product or the complete set, To better understand the potential purchase will appear in a different coloration.
The world has become a tradition to run Internet applications for new products, developing new brands, support communication with consumers long known, but still very popular products. The network lives an enormous number of users, and they – consumers, so it would be strange, if marketers thought was not that audience. Well before the, opening area of ​​a particular product and bring direct benefit, because it facilitates communication with customers, allows you to receive feedback about the product, carry out measures to increase loyalty to the brand.
Sometimes in order, to a certain group of customers to provide the necessary information for them, companies have initiated a technical site, filled with data on the characteristics of products, their advantages, terms of use, etc. High-tech products or products, designed for industry, exactly as in need of literacy promotion, and filled with specialized information site – one of the easiest and reliable ways to gain new customers.

Meta promo site – direct response

The result of promotion and promotional site is to increase sales by increasing awareness of the product and getting it on more information. Respectively, promotional site should perform the following tasks:

  • To attract users' attention.
  • Hold ratings.
  • To form the image of a company or product.
  • Motivate visitors to commit the transaction or other act.
  • Be unusual and attractive, users to independently send out a link to it.

What does a promo site?

  • You need to campaign to market the new product (for example, the appearance of a new model car, new sort of drink or a new software and hardware solutions).
  • Need a website for a specific event: for example, for promotion or prize draw (for example, single site competition or seasonal sale).
  • We're separated or that the product of the total offer, differentiating it on the market (promotional poster to permit predstaviti yogo yak okremy product i as zfokusuvati auditorіyu CAME to nomu).
  • Need an effective tool for online orders in a specific direction.
  • Promo site can be a presentation website, employees to demonstrate certain capabilities or product parameters (for sutі, represent spectacular offer).
  • Promo site increases brand awareness, Events, person or company as a whole (image of warehouses).
  • The site of this kind can be used to collect marketing information and conducting various studies.

Promo site can be performed as:

  • Dopomіzhnogo for Corporate Site of.
  • Independent support for this or that action.
  • As a basic resource of, specializing in one product or a narrow area.

The term "life" promotional site can range from several weeks to several years – it all depends on the objectives and requirements for promotion.

Promotional sites create mood

Structure promotional site is significantly different from the accepted and for corporate information resources. As mentioned, the main task – is a direct response, that is, a certain emotional state of the visitor. The site should be bright, memorable and very much stands out among them all, already seen the potential customer.

For promo site characterized by such features:

  • An unusual concept, that allocates resources among many other.
  • Effective and unusual design (in most cases).
  • The high level of interactivity: different presentation, videos, Flash games and other similar items.
  • High quality image (of professional photos to 3D-models and the precision of figures to the possibility of "rotate" the object).
  • Multiuser items (in particular, Games).
  • Social elements (modules for blogs and personal pages, integration with social networks).

In the package "promo site" to enter:

  • Creating advertising concepts (or the adoption of the finished your company or your advertising representative).
  • Development of a bright and spectacular design by custom scheme. In each case the design is discussed individually after a detailed study of the concept.
  • Full and latest version of the content management system site. The control system is complemented by features flexible change in non-standard design, and social modules (for example, opportunity to comment).
  • The system avtorizatsії, that allows you to create closed sections, available for the banner.
  • No establishment of an independent statistical system, that allows you to collect detailed information on all users of the resource.
  • Installing the "pid-key" on your hosting vibrany. When ordering our hosting companies also offer domain name a year as a gift.
  • Detailed instructions for site with illustrations.
  • Technical support and consulting services

You can also order promotion promotion in search engines, SMO-campaign or media placement and contextual advertising.

How much is a promotional site?

Price promo site for the key is to 600 UO. The major cost is the site design, because it strongly depends on the price. At the same time ordering a search of promotion and promotional discount site. The development of promotional sites in our studies is about 25 days. Specific promotional sites such, it is impossible to distinguish some common modules – promotional sites too personal. Often they are lacking, because the focus is on design and transfer of information about products or services. In some cases these sites is appropriate to use the module News.
Develop promotional site begins with the audience. Effectively influence the existing and potential customers can only be provided, of whom we know almost everything. Why they prefer your product, what benefits they see in its use, that will, If a similar, how do they behave in everyday life – graє detail the role of skin. The same work on the collection of technical material much easier, when there is a clear view, for people with whom they are intended educational level, which are the main issues to be answered immediately, what data to, to lure visitors from competitors' sites.

* The cost of creating the site indicated the approximate, can vary from many factors. To clarify the final price contact our office. Tsіna vklyuchaє MPE 20%.