It often happens that for a site to our customers want to take photographs for the catalog of products online store, abo bleed for restaurant menus, or present in all its glory interior cafe website. Similarly, many customers want to place on their websites colorful video telling about the activities of their company or advertise the services they offer products or. SAME to E, analyzing the needs of our clients, organized service for the professional photography and video of any type.

Now, thanks to the emergence of photography and video services to our customers does not necessarily look for extraneous agents, that would have created the site was unique and high quality photos, or video. All additional work package to create a unique photo and video content we are ready to take.

Create a virtual panoramas and virtual tours 3d

Takozh kompanіya Website – developing virtual tours and panoramas using modern technology. Virtual tours and spherical panoramas allow you to not only effectively present your business, but also attract new customers and partners.

Create 3D panoramas and tours allow you to not only effectively present your business, but also attract new customers and partners. Panoramic photos of interiors of hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, showrooms or exhibitions – This successful method of supporting their own competitiveness, create a positive image of your company in the widest audience. The company website has extensive experience and advanced technologies to create and implement your projects.

3D panorama

Create a virtual panoramas – a way of demonstrating any space using three-dimensional images.

Virtual panoramas – powerful marketing tool, allowing surprise existing partners and customers, and interest and attract new. Finished 3d panorama and virtual tour flash can be placed on site, burn to CD or send via email.

3D tour

3D tour, or a virtual tour – a few 3d panoramas, interconnected with "active points", that can move from one virtual panoramas in another. Virtual tours provide "presence effect" and give potential customers a better idea of ​​your objects and their interiors, than most high-quality digital photos.

* The cost estimated photographic available, it can vary on many factors. To clarify the final price contact our office.