Site-vіzitka – This is a complete internet resource, Âk rule, consists of several (5-10) Page, containing basic information about the company, its activity, proposed products or services, characteristics and methods of feedback. A properly designed online business card is a business card, effective advertising, non-stop office, face of the Internet.

Create a small website effectively express themselves to millions of Internet users. This compact, simple, concise and at the same time informative site will tell potential customers about the company, pro rate the loading / services, shares, ways of cooperation. The site, anyone can learn, how to find us, like to be contacted and even leave a request.

The costs of technical support site: Basic technical support, business cards is free for the duration of the hosting site. In support includes tracking the disability site, daily software update server and check for viruses, back up site, consult your specialists to work with content management system and hosting.

The most popular sections of the site, business cards:

  • Company
  • Goods and services
  • Price List (makes the loads / services)
  • News
  • Contacts (feedback)

Although the, scho-site vіzitka – This is the easiest site without embedded sections, its development is a highly effective solution for entrepreneurs, specialists in services, and for large companies.

Advantages of a small website:

  • relatively small costs of creating a small website and its support;
  • Site developed in short time;
  • saytі presented at the most concrete, concise information, can be easily found online through a simple menu and ease of navigation;
  • correctly, quality and beautifully executed website form the company's image, credible to potential buyers;
  • site-vіzitka – excellent start for new business;
  • a small website – effective way to experience a new trend in the already formed business. Analysis of the behavior of buyers on the site will help determine the most successful solution for the further development of a business.

The main characteristics of developed sites:

  • Site Design Avtorsky qualitatively distinguish your site from the crowd of millions of sites.
  • Convenient panel administruvannya site will allow even inexperienced Internet user to edit all information sections of the site.
  • Basic SEO-optimization will find the site in search engines (Google, Yandex).
  • Warranty Web Site.

Deadline – from 10 working days.

The cost of small website:

  • Site Design: individual
  • Obsyag site: to 10 p.
  • Term of: to 2 weeks
  • Tsіna site: from 300 u.o.
* The cost of creating the site indicated the approximate, can vary from many factors. To clarify the final price contact our office. Tsіna vklyuchaє MPE 20%.