Pragnite before, that your site was always in great shape? Zvertaytesya to us! Developed a website and received a settlement, we do not leave the customer alone with those problems, which may arise in future work with the site. We offer maintenance and support sites Uzhgorod and customers from all Zakarapattya. Of course, that set of services, members of the support site can vary greatly. We know, what should be done, that your visitors see a professional before, useful and relevant resource, no doubt the veracity and quality of information provided to it.

Ordering suprovíd site in studії Website, you can be sure, that work will be done perfectly and just in time. Because you trust the work of professionals!

All modern sites at this time are based on content management system – "Engine". Any of our clients interested in the question – whether it can fully manage their own website using content management system. We answer this question – no, not zmozhe. Of course, System upravlіnnya site alignment is not just, and allows customers to manage change and advance specific areas of your site. For example, vnositi new documents, remove old, vnositi changes in the text, change image, work with a catalog of products, control menu on the site, etc.. However є brink, for which a man can transcend, having some expertise in building websites, i denote glibshe neobhіdno make changes, the more serious knowledge needed.

Z Odna our basic service – is a professional technical support site. In support of the site in our company of course support the site efficiency, changes to the site on request, completion of the program modules and solving pressing issues, related to the operation of your site, such timely continuation hosting and domain names.

We information, designer and technical support Site, a very:

  • writing to support the position of the site after promotion, which is essential to maintain the position of the site;
  • site content information of the customer;
  • placement of ads on services for electronic bulletin boards;
  • dokonfihuruvannya site on request;
  • redesign elements of the site on request;
  • redesign of the site for seasonal vimogu;
  • konsultatsії Site;
  • Karpovna redesign of the site (not chastіshe, than 1 time on rіk);
  • full perekonfihuruvanni site (not chastіshe, than 1 time on rіk);
  • Support (guarantee the performance site, Protection against burglary).

The cost of monthly maintenance site is determined on an individual basis depending on workload.

The minimum cost of maintenance of the site – 400 USD / month. Thus on the support site is given 32 years the roar.

Under the agreement support the site we design banners, introduced changes in the pattern, add or change information on demand site owners, supplement or change information in the catalog for, provide advice.

Supported by our company carried out two types of contracts. Pershiy type of contract – contract to support the site with a monthly subscription fee. If this contract ukladennі E, together with the customer, determine the approximate amount of our work for a month and on the basis of this co-ordinate with the customer the cost of monthly support site. At the same stage, consistent number of possible applications in the month and the average of one such treatment. Although the, that the contract stipulates the number of hits per month, We do not send the customer away, if he goes overlimit, and, unlikely to do to increase the value of the contract (unless the excess conversion is not systematic, or the amount of unexpected work seriously than planned volume). Such agreements have the right service. The average value of the contract support ranges from 400 to 4 000 per month. Today it is much cheaper to pay a staff specialist – technologist.

The second option contract support – contract support for actually rendered services. This agreement implies no monthly fees, paid only the necessary customer service. Each new service is evaluated separately, signed a new form for this service and the customer billed for specific actions taken. This option is good for companies, who work with the update or change the site are rare, and it makes no sense to pay our monthly. Disadvantages of this approach is also evident – loss of time to assess the problem and to issue the necessary documents. Another significant disadvantage is that, that such contracts are served in order of total lines, as the emergence of wasted time technicians.

We do not guarantee contract support any site, is not made in our company. We are ready to help serve any sites, but, we, likely, not take to support your site, if you need to make significant changes in the content management system, especially if the system of one of the following: Joomla, Drupal, WorldPress, Bitrix, Umi.CMS. All other control systems can be evaluated separately by our programmers, and on the basis of this assessment, will be decided on the conclusion or the conclusion of the contract.

Our position is explained very simply – Amendments to these CMS in some cases will cost us more in, and run longer, than in the company, which was developed by Your Site.

Response time on contracts with primary care in the right average of 8 hours (mean-time working days).

Supported by the Company Management is a guarantee of clear and competent realization of your tasks, timely introduction of changes and information, guarantee the absence of technical errors and failures in making changes. Remember, site creation and maintenance of the site is technically difficult steps, not to trust them layman, best to work with professionals.

* The cost of creating the site indicated the approximate, can vary from many factors. To clarify the final price contact our office.