Content Management System or CMS site – is the core of your Internet resource, his “cursor”. Using CMS, you get to freely manage information on your site: – Easily change text; – Upload new images and photos; – Create and delete pages and sections; – Place news and events; – Placing price lists and other information for zakachuvannya.I all this can be done without special skills and special education. Anyone, ever worked in a text editor, easy to work with our master control system.

What are the main advantages of this control system?

Ease – You can perform operations on site very quickly and without special skills. What would you not want, This is solved in two clicks.

Functionality – The control system makes it possible to effectively solve any problem, required on site. Vona priv'âzana not to specific technologies, is it easy to build as upravlyayemoyu flash-site, Tak and HTML resources. CMS does not impose restrictions on the functionality of your site.
Flexibility – The control system of flexible rebuilt on each project by using a modular structure. Because of this you always get a customized CMS for your site is.

High speed – The control system does not perform unnecessary actions, and therefore works quickly. CMS is designed for sites with high traffic sites and to promote, where speed of response is one of the most important parameters.

Privacy Policy – The control system protects your data. If you accidentally delete any page or somehow lose important information, it will be easy to restore.

What are the objectives addressed by CMS?

  • Allows you to create any number of sections and subsections at any level of nesting;
  • Automatically builds menu and site map based on the structure;
  • Allows you to easily modified text on the page;
  • Gives access to direct editing of HTML-code for professionals;
  • Dozvolyaє upravlyati lists, font styles, style and weight of other parameters, that provides all the features of modern word processing;
  • Supports import from MS Word and similar editors;
  • Automatically optimizes the schedule for placement on the site;
  • Allows you to edit the META-tags and title page;
  • Possible to do a title page in navigation other than its title;
  • Connect additional modules for different pages.

What are the modules in the system?

Photo Gallery

This tool lets you quickly put a lot of pictures or photos on your site. Âk rule, used for product demonstrations, show a portfolio or just to teach any graphics. Images can be divided into sections and subsections, and contain any number of pictures.

Available options for several base gallery, different size and location of thumbnails, and the options open (have splivayuchіy ramtsі, Just at, on a new page, etc.).

Photos included in the basic versіyu Sistemi upravlіnnya.


Portfolio module is an extended photo gallery, that allows you to post not only pictures and comment on it, but detailed description of the different fields, for example, terms of completion of certain works. In one position in the portfolio can fix multiple photos or images.

Portfolio is included in the basic version control system.

Catalogue tovarív

This module is a complete “showcase” Internet-shop, but without the possibility of payment for goods or add it to basket. Each product can be accompanied by any information – of test descriptions and prices for explanations, operating instructions and videos. Typically used for, to show the range of products the manufacturer or to, to demonstrate products, purchased only with a personal touch (for example, furniture sets).

Catalog is in the basic version of content management system.

Advanced catalog

Tool to demonstrate the large number of positions, with a clear statistical separation. Contains a set of filters and a convenient search engine. May be used on sites larger stores and manufacturers, and used to support large databases, for example, sites with real estate or agencies to find staff.

Full catalog available separately and always modified to suit your site.

– Shopping Cart Order

Cart to order goods converts any directory on a full online store. You can go on site, type products in the basket – and then places an order, sending accurate data about themselves and what, that he needs right your manager at any time of day.

Shopping for orders not included in the basic version of CMS.

Feedback or Order Form

Standard form, that contains multiple fields (In the simplest case – “contact” and “appeal”, in complex – all for your viborom) and allows you to send mails from your manager. It is used for ordering goods or services, and as a form of feedback. For example, may be a form of booking at.

Gostova book

Guestbook allows site users to ask you any questions, and leave any information on the site. Guestbook is being protected from spam and can be edited with management.

Comes with a basic version.


Module, specially designed for, so that users can leave feedback on your work or products. The scheme of the robot “review” so: 1. Members wrote reviews (have spam protection). 2. Review flagged for moderation, that it sees so far no one except you and guide, his left. 3. You represent and review it appears on the site. 4. There is an opportunity to respond to recall.


Any page of your site (for example, or another article) comments can be provided, writing by users. This module allows you to implement them in the same way, used in reviews – Well in principle abo gostovoї book.

Included in the basic version control system.

Users pages

You can protect part of your pages with a password, that allow to go there only to registered users. For example, you can create a page just for partners of the company – or place other information, to obtain a special permit is required.


Newsletter of, Press Release, information on actions often required for business, developing. This module allows you to make convenient mailing list for your customers, And make it so, not to appear in spam messages mail servers.

Distribution module is not included in basic version control system.


Convenient and easy system of placing your company news. Automatically formed complete chronology, and derived some fresh news to home (or any other of your choice) Page.

News module included in the basic version control system.


Convenient module for posting articles, is effectively used for, to place a variety of materials of the same type – from various press releases to organizing rubric “useful”.

Functional placement of articles is in the basic version control system.


If your company regularly carries out any action (for example, offers a discount on several products), module then the action will help the most simple and convenient way to inform visitors of your site.

You can use the shares in the basic version control system.


Video allows you to place on your site a large number of videos. It looks like a photo gallery, but each thumbnail can be “run” played directly on the page or in a separate window.

Video available separately and not included in the basic version of CMS.

Payments different systems

If you want to automate and make more convenient for customers ordering process, you can connect the system receive payment by electronic currency, bank cards, and terminals to receive payments. This feature is primarily intended for online shopping.

Connecting through different payment systems are not included in the basic version of CMS.


Want to know, as users of your site belonging to an issue? Conduct survey – and find out their opinion. You ask a question, answers – and visitors can vote.

To conduct the survey can be in the basic version control system.


If your website contains lots of information, in addition to the usual navigation is recommended to use search. Search allows you to quickly display materials for users, who want to immediately find the desired, not flipping through all the pages of resource.

Poshuk the site is not included in the basic versіyu CMS.

Site Map

Site Map – this page, containing the full “tree” sections and pages. Map is useful for many users, and is a very good factor for promotion in search engines.

Site map included in the basic versіyu CMS.

What versions of existing?

At the moment both for business sites, and for small sites using Joomla, WordPress or Drupal version with full GUI.

Whether modification of third-party developers?

So, for this system supports a free PHP-insertion, and injection of code in another language. Існує API, which can be used to fully support their system of third party.

What are the system requirements for CMS?

To use CMS requires PHP support 5.0 í given MySQL database.