How much will it cost my site? Formed to date market prices for development sites vary in wide ranges. Depending on the prestige developer, quantity and quality has made development, training of artists and workload initial development costs may be the site of 500 to tens of thousands of USD. more.
The cost of any work, pov'yazanih s website, determined by the complexity and labor intensity of that part, what do we. In order to save the customer can take some work on yourself. However, our experience shows, which is cheaper to give up work professionals, than to engage in non-core business.

What is the value of my site?

Web site consists of several stages:

  • Concept Site
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Design site
  • Software Development Site
  • Layout and content of the database site

Each stage is important to realize professional. Errors at any stage will lead to a "loss" site. Developed at this end.

And with Dalí?

Further possible next block of work: Advertising Site , and after some time (pіslya of, as will become clear position in search engines) – campaign to promote the site .

When planning the cost of website we recommend:

• consider the cost of hosting – about 100 u.o. the roar;
• vitratiti 350 u.o. A site on prescription in the directory "Yandex" for a fee;
• establish the budget funds for future work to promote the site through search engine optimization and advertising.

You can see our price list section Prices

Prices at the development site

You give you warranty for the work?

In developing the site or online store, we pay great attention to testing the project. We are confident about the quality of their work. So after putting the site into service we provide semi-annual guarantee on all our software development. It means, if you find any errors in the software modules site, We respond promptly and completely free to fix, the minds, that this happens during 6 months after completion of the development site.

How to order development of website or online store?
To apply for the development of the Website you can in any convenient manner: make a phone call in Ivano-Frankivsk (097) 966-18-03 or fill Feedback, who asked power, you are interested in our team, who will answer all questions about a web site, yogo layout, design and subsequent maintenance. Order cheap production Web site at Ivano-Frankivsk, Bolehovі, Burshtyn, Galena, Gorodenka, Valley, Kalush, Kolomyia, Косові, Outer, Rogatin, Snyatinі, Tismenicí, Tlumačí, Yaremchі.