How we work?


Step 1

Fill in the brief to develop the site. A detailed discussion of the

Step 2

TK development (TOR) prototypes and drawing pages

Step 3

Testing and Launch Site. Search engine optimization of web pages

Step 4

The signing of the Acceptance Certificate, final settlement

Below is a list of typical solutions
Website Business

Developed by recreation

Many people in different time dream of high-quality outdoor recreation. Here you can quickly realize his dream into reality, if you go to the recreation center. Holiday - a modern complex, which may consist of several buildings. This brand new holiday concept, because different conditions […]

Developed by a travel company

Ukrainian tourism market one of the first to develop online advertising space. At this time, advertising has become a classic of travel services travel agencies focus advertising on the Internet. Tourism, Internet advertising and is closely related to each other. Tourism Market in continuously evolving Internet, learns new technical possibilities, currently provides […]

Developed by construction company

Site construction issues are every year becoming more popular. This is not surprising, because the Internet offers a truly unlimited possibilities for companies, working in the construction and reconstruction of buildings and structures, and organizations, engaged in the supply of building materials. Creating a site for building the company's most popular service, […]

Developed by Business Center

Nowadays there are plenty of business centers. If you want to, your business center was one of the most popular, we're here to help. Our company is developing a strategy to promote your site online, the results of which quickly and positively delight the customer. Mandatory requirement and key to the success of any company […]

Developed by real estate agency

Website development for real estate agencies is the main activity of our company, most we specialize in designing websites for the sale, rental. With the right approach to doing real business on the Internet can get very good profit, good communication and reputation. Correctly filing objects Online, photos, description of objects, […]

Developed by translation

Often it seems, not so easy turns to create your own website translation. Many think, enough to come up with a name, write texts, post pictures and the case resolved. But the process of creating – is hard work, that without some knowledge in this area requires professional help. you order […]

Developed by a notary

Website for notary (notary office) obeys very definite requirements. The main requirement is that, the work of a notary, all of its features and specifications, should be reflected on the site in full. Performance requirements for completeness and relevance to provide information at the notary can only be achieved […]

Developed by the company

Company Website provides enterprise sites and efficient network of offices for companies, seeking to expand the scope of, break new ground, get a chance to tell a wider audience about their products or services. Thanks to the rich experience and qualifications, Our experts develop quality, modern websites, maximum use all the rich […]

Developed by the company

Developed by hotel

Create site at – This crucial step, which largely affect the development of your business, Therefore, the development of web-resources are best left to a team of professionals. Nowadays site for the hotel must perform a number of tasks, faced all hotels. The site needed for communication and the client to the hotel […]

Developed by online store

Internet – this environment, that opens up tremendous prospects for business, and allow promotion of products and services. Expanding and becoming more popular, Internet is not only an excellent advertising platform, but also an excellent field for activity. Today the absolute need for representation on the Internet recognize even the biggest skeptics. […]

Website in several languages

Now to increase profits, sphere of influence and audience customer, should go beyond national borders. This is especially important for large firms. Internet access is not a luxury, is available to many, and at any time of day, regardless of location, the customer can get to your resource […]



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