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The choice for hosting website

Hosting companies provide all, need for a website, including disk space and all the software unit. You only create files your web pages and move them to the server in a given position.

Hosting services provide a huge number of companies. It typically charges a monthly fee, which is often very small or absent. Company, providing services for free, require placing their ads on the pages of their clients. Of course, monthly fee varies depending on resources, allocated for your website. For example, fee for the website, which is 2 MB of disk expanse, Âk rule, less, than website size 10 MB.
Perekonaytesya in fact, that the hosting company allows the use of scripts PHP (some do not do). Also, make sure, the company offers the latest version of PHP. Hosting company can not support the latest version, which is only released, but is obliged to restore it shortly after the new version.

Among other reasons for choosing a hosting company should note the following:

– Reliability. Do you need company, you can trust and that tomorrow will not go bankrupt and disappear. Select company, which has the necessary computing power and other resources to support your site. Node, that more idle, than is, absolutely daremny.

– Speed. Pages, are slowly loaded, irritating users and forcing them to visit other web sites. Slow loading pages can be the result of, that the hosting company had fiscal and has good facilities. In any case of, forward your web pages very slowly, can not represent special interest. So when choosing a hosting company should ask speeds page loading, that it provides. Sometimes this information is contained on the website hosting company, otherwise you can get the manager.

– Technical Support. Some hosting companies do not have specialists, ready to answer questions or solve customer problems. Technical support is often provided only by sending an email or tyketiv system in your control panel account. This method of, buti can, acceptable only, if the answer is as soon as possible. Sometimes the quality of services can be checked, over the phone technical support or zasikayuchy response time by email.

– Domain іm'ya. Every website has its domain name, by which Web browsers find it online. Each domain name is registered for a small annual fee, so that it can use only one website, Some hosting companies allow you to use whatever you have registered a domain name; Others help with registration and use of new domain name, and still others require the use of a domain name, For example , suppose, that your company is “Buduєmo Website” and you want, to a node called StWS. Some companies will call your site, while others require, щоб вузол мав ім’я, або / stws /, or something like that. Vzagalі something, website will look more professional, if you use your own domain name 2/ho level.

– Money back. Or the existence of such a thing as a trial period – Money Back, for example, per month, if you did not like the hosting company.

– Properties. Properties should be chosen depending on the destination Web Site, Usually hosting company offers some opportunities in packages or plans. But the more opportunities, the higher the price. Some properties of, that should be considered, below.

– Disc prostіr. How many (MB / GB) space will take your website? Media files (Graphics and music) can really take a lot of disk space.

– Data Transfer. Some hosting companies charge a fee for sending web users (off / incoming traffic). If you count on heavy traffic, these costs should be considered.

– E-mail. Many companies offer their customers a certain number of email addresses. For example, If your website is called, you can let your users write at

– Software. Hosting companies offer access to many software development for Web applications. Krіm PHP, Some companies offer database, такі як MySQL або PostgreSQL, other means of web development, такі як FrontPage, program development of shops, validation data of credit cards, etc..

– Statistics. Often, companies help their clients collect statistics on web traffic to your site, information about the number of users, time access to a web page, etc..

– Backup. Backups (backup) – it copies files to your web pages and databases, stored in case of loss or damage to files or databases. We're sure is, the company regularly and often makes a backup application clients. It should also ask, how fast your site will go with the backup in operational mode in the event of any problems.

– Panel upravlіnnya. It did not set an important fact is the control panel user account, Now there are many different programs, of yak: Plesk, Direct Admin і т.д. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, so that the choice of hosting company must ask this.

Hosting company is difficult to study from scratch, a Google search on request “Hosting” issues about 30 million results. The best way to select a hosting company – poprositi rekomendatsії people, who have experience with these companies. People, who used the services of hosting companies, can warn you of service companies with slow service or unstable work computers. Collected data on several hosting companies, provide services to their customers satisfied, You can narrow the list to one, that you no longer suitable.
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To apply for the development of the Website you can in any convenient manner: make a phone call in Ivano-Frankivsk (097) 966-18-03 or fill Feedback, who asked power, you are interested in our team, who will answer all questions about a web site, yogo layout, design and subsequent maintenance. Order cheap production Web site at Ivano-Frankivsk, Bolehovі, Burshtyn, Galena, Gorodenka, Valley, Kalush, Kolomyia, Косові, Outer, Rogatin, Snyatinі, Tismenicí, Tlumačí, Yaremchі.