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Promotion and optimization

Even if you did a great, original, useful website and presented it to the Internet, this your worries do not end, and, rather, just beginning. Because the most important – This lead to site visitors. Activity, aimed at attracting visitors, is the promotion, promotion, optimization. Promotion and Optimization prefer to call events, to increase attendance, a large and reputable companies, attempting to like to spend some differences between their methods and techniques, used freelancers, lone wolf or reliable small studios, offering the same services for less, although in fact such a difference is largely fictitious difference. There are millions of different web sites, and their number increases every day. Yak result, ever-increasing competition for ratings and ever-increasing importance of effective promotion of your site. In this article we will talk about, how to attract visitors to your site and avoid common mistakes, that allow novice webmasters trying to promote your project faster.
If you put your website on the hosting and nothing you do, to it no one ever comes. Tom, for, to at least a few visitors came to your site, must make some effort. On-Perche, where a site can come by? They may come from other, already somewhat popular website, if these sites will link to your site, they can come from search engines, they can come, simply typing the URL of your site in your browser, natural, in the case, if you tell them this address. Respectively, to attract visitors, you can use the following methods:
Advertise your site offline. You can tell your friends about your site, friends, rozkleyity ad, provide advertising on radio, TV, i in the newspaper journalists …
Register your site in search engines and achieve what, that they were users of search engines for various search queries. For most sites, with visitors, that come from search engines, constitute the main part of all visitors.
Place a link to your site from other sites – independently, if possible, or asking their hosts.
Thus the rank, osnovnі principles, as at, simple. However, in practice there is a multitude of nuances, you should know and consider, if you want to grips rozkrutkoyu your site and make it popular. Pochnemo order i s a very simple.

I. How to track the untwisted site.

1) Accounting for attendance. The first question, of which should reflect – This is how to learn, or go to your site visitors, how many people visit the site per day, week, month, which pages they viewed, which sites or search engines and come t. e. All this information is crucial in order, so you can evaluate the degree of effectiveness are applied effort and you adjusted these efforts depending on, what results you get. But how to get this information? On-Perche, you can study the internal system of site statistics. Every fact of visiting any pages of your site's server is fixed at t. n. log files, and special programs may receive information from log files, analyze it and provide you with detailed reports, which will be collected various information about traffic to your site. If your site is placed on a paid hosting, is hosting gospodarі nadayut, Âk rule, all site owners can use these free programs statistics, of, Yak Replacement, Vebalajzer í t. n. In the unfortunate, these programs are not able to distinguish correctly vseda visitors yet people from bots, have difficulty with the analysis of search queries in Russian and have a number of other shortcomings. Free Hosting (for example, also, Âk rule, reports provide attendance statistics, but, of course, they are less detailed. Another option is to place on each page counter traffic, who will take and collect data every visitor to this page. You can place a custom counter traffic, and counter traffic, to be processed outside the system statistics. Using external systems statistics is quite popular decision, because of its accessibility and ease of. For example, this site contains statistics counters of (button count liveinternet you can see the bottom of this page). In the unfortunate, This method is also not without drawbacks. The main problem with external systems statistics is possible to overload and crash the servers of these systems, collecting and analyzing information from schetchkov, and similar cases, to pity, not uncommon. Some days, When Internet users especially active, error count attendance external systems statistics can be 20% more (while the actual number of visitors will be more, range statistics show).

2) TIC, PR and other indicators “avtoritetnostі” Site. Apart from visiting the site, There are indirect indicators, to assess the degree of untwisted and popular site on the. The most famous of these is the index of PR, introductions kompanієyu Google, and Runetі – th slit TІTS, that for every Russian website Yandex counts. Although these figures and do not affect attendance directly, There is quite obvious correlation between the size of Tic and PR and the, how often will go to your website visitors from search engines Yandex and Google, therefore increase TIC and PR site often put in an independent task. Krіm of, the value of TIC and PR is highly dependent reference value, placed on that site, that must be considered in promotion of your site (More about this will be discussed below). If the rate of PR can range from 0 to 10 (with 5-6 units – it is very well promoted website), TIC has a fixed upper limit, and gradually increases with increasing credibility of the site, with the TIC website , that shown by Yandex, of course, okruglyuєtsya to desyatkіv (that may be equal 10, 20, 30 i t. e, more accurate value can be determined TIC, downloading to your browser Yandex.Bar). Not bad popular website has a TIC in the area of ​​several hundred units. Indicators of TIC and PR do not change continuously, usually transfer between these parameters is more than a month, and, no matter how hard you rozkruchuvaly site, its TIC and PR will not change for the next conversion. For easy determination of both TIC, PR and other indicators, there are many services, for example,

3) The positions in search engines for targeted queries. This is a very important indicator, determining the likelihood, that Internet users, seeking information on a particular topic, CAME will come to you. Usually the sites in issue (that issued the search engine searches for a particular query) sortuyutsya per ton. Call. “Relevantnostі”, which is the very notion of strech, which means the extent to which the site content for this request. Determine the relevance of this very very difficult to read, considering a number of factors (more of them will be discussed below). However, it is obvious, that the site owner should strive to, that site was on queries, related to the subject of his site, and it needs, to search results, that issue, site was close to first place. For example, if your site talks about breeding cats, should strive to, Reindeer in wonder “Breeding cats” your site is published by search engines as close to the results. Manually find your site in search results, of course, no longer zručno, particularly, if it is somewhere in the 200-m site, fortunately, there are special services, for example,, for determining the position of your site in search results of major search engines faster and easier.

II. Methods of website promotion.

1) Providing indexing site search works. As mentioned above, for most sites, search engines – This is the main source of inflow of visitors. Search engines are constantly ignore the Internet and index are there sites, then these sites have a chance to get to the search results page and be seen by someone. If you post a link to the site on any other, already known search engine robots, sites, these works and will drop by some to your site, proyndeksyrovav the on page. But, better to tell search bots to the existence of your site. For the major search engines, most popular RuNet – Yandex, Rambler and Google's to do it, respectively, pages, і / intl / ru / addurl.html. Ale all the same, up to date, when your site is indexed by search robots will, stretched while – usually about a week. If your site many pages, they are indexed and added to the database search engines gradually. Identify, which pages of your site is indexed, You can use Advanced Search – vkazati in polі “look only at” URL of your site.
Sometimes novice webmasters make mistakes, to prevent indexing of pages by search robots. When you put your site's indexing in search engines, you add your homepage. So, to be indexed and other pages, robot must be able to get to them from the home page for direct links. What is “direct link”? This simple link, dopomogoû default for html-weight, that in the code page looks like this – Text posilannya . However, reference can be made otherwise – за допомогою javascript, for example. That's redirect visitors to another page drop down menus, in addition zrazok, which is at However, the search robot, Unlike reviews, can not go to another page through a menu, so for him must be in addition to the usual menu set links. Krіm of, search engines do not like automatic redirection (ie when the user, going on one page, automatically redirected to another), and of course on the redirect does not pass.
Finally, we note, that your site can not only get into the database search engines, but depart from it. Usually this happens or in the case, If you are using prohibited methods of promotion (more details – below), or if your site is often unavailable because of failure on the server (conclusion – choose a reliable hosting).

2) Optimization of code. The general rule is – more on your page you want and less unnecessary, so much the better. If you use the site to create various visual editors, they often insert extra code to the page, which greatly complicates the page, but, with, zagalom something, not it is required. If you suddenly decide to create a website, for example, у програмі Microsoft Word, then the amount of unnecessary code can be achieved simply fantastic value. Try to ease the page, removing it from excessive and unnecessary, and those takozh vinosyachi, that can be (for example, cs-descriptions stilív) with html-code page in a separate file.

3) Selection and use of key words and phrases. Think, in which queries can often find information, Introduction to vashomu saytі, Internet users. Your zavdannâ – make the pages of your site as possible relevant to this query, and you need to include them in the text, available at, in page header, in titles posilan, leading to other pages in this. If you are not text, and grafіchne menu, must insert a text description of each parameter alt drawn buttons. It is desirable to include keyword phrases in the text several times (but not too much, because it will give the opposite effect). Page Title (title) is of particular importance, but the novice webmasters often forget about it, and resulting in the title in their name is, The default editor is inserted, schos type “Untitled document” or “A new page 1” . Do not forget to give meaningful names pages! Finally, we note, that pick up key words and phrases you can try using the services of Yandex і Рамблера ( to pity, they show is not quite complete statistics).

4) Create unique content. “Content” – content, Content Site, and unique – means a, which is not found on any other sites. The presence of your site's unique content – one of the most important factors in the success of its promotion and popularization. In the unfortunate, online, tak, as in life, digit number of people volіyut yti vtorovanimi Way, just repeating what, that was done previously by other. One of the main problems was that the Internet, that creators of new sites, zamіst of, to present some new information, come to your site an original idea, just copy the information on the site, already posted on other sites. In addition to moral and legal aspects of this problem, this method creates significant difficulties in promoting the site. Search engines do not like the appearance of pages with the content, copy is known, and, is likely, if you just copy the text to your site from another site, then your pages with this copied text does not get into the search results. A very questionable move is also not copy content, and the idea of ​​another site. Many seem seductive attempt to repeat the success already achieved by someone, creating, наприклад клон сайту або, but along the way their, Âk rule, will be disappointed – doing simple cloning, even at very low cost advertising, repel audiences have known of the project is almost impossible. Conclusion – attempt at creating a site to implement the original idea and fill it with interesting, unique content.

5) Submit your site to directories, Link Exchange, Advertising on forums, in gostovih i t. n. Placing links to your site from other sites has two objectives. On-Perche, by, see links to your site, may want to move it – This is one of the sources, where your site visitors to come (as mentioned above). Per-second (and sometimes it is more important), links to your site from other sites – a way of improving the integrity of your site and increase its position in search engines. Registration in catalogs, Âk rule, is used to increase TIC, PR and position in search engines, because the influx of visitors from directories (except for some very famous and large, nachebto Yandex-directory), very small. Manual registration in catalogs – This process is rather complicated and tedious. Much easier to send information to prepare lists of directories with special programs, or use the service, that makes it easy to record site once in a large number of directories, for example, When submitting your site to directories should observe the following rules:
– Do not use the same name of the site! Search engines often “skleyuyut” direct link to the page, if the text of these references the same. Create and use different names, for example: “Site about breeding cats”, “Cats – how to look after them”, “Summary of cats at home” i t. e.
– Do not use the same description of site. W is silent as reasons.
– Do not put on your site back links to those directories, where its register! Search engines do not like a large number of consecutive links on the site, particularly, If these links do not have descriptions and are non-content (at thematic and non-content links, see. below). Register your site only in catalogs, that do not require mandatory installation of backlinks.
– Do not register your website in those directories, that do not make direct links, and put a link through redirect. Search operation can not proceed on such links and does not take into account their, a mean, wing of the registration site in the following directories will be practically no. Questionable also benefit from registration in catalogs with zero TIC and PR.
– Do not register your site once in a very large number of directories. Better do it gradually. Some search engines, for example, Rambler and Google relating to a case of simultaneous occurrence of a large number of links to a site with great suspicion.
Exchange links can also be used to increase the TIC and PR and position in search engines. But, to link exchange your site has brought benefits, and does not harm, Please follow these guidelines:
– Share links only with sites of the same subject. If you have a site about cats and you put a link to another site about cats, it will not bring harm to your site, because this link is the content. A link to the site, suppose, real estate, the pages on which cats do not have a single word, deemed non-content. Avoid installation on your site non-content links (in any significant number of) and share links only with sites of similar topics.
– Add to every link put a small description. Link, rozbavlenі text, better, than the reference.
– Do not use the automatic link exchange script! For your site does not end up no good …
Advertise your site on forums, in gostovih i t. n. will not increase your site PR and TIC and not raise its position in search engines. Asking such link makes sense only, if you expect, that someone interested in your reference. But as the direct and the hype does not like anyone (and especially it does not like the owners of these very forums and guest), Advertise your site then only there, where to really treat it as an interesting and useful resource. For example, if you have a website about Che Guevara, and you put it on communist forum, then your link would react well tolerated, a link to the site fans group “Tattoo” will be appropriate to the music forumi.6) Buying links. If you are so set up, to anything, any spin site, then buying links to your site from other sites may be an option. Having bought a number of references, for example, on these exchanges links, Sape як або mainlink, you can raise the TIC and PR of your site and improve its position in search systemah.7) Creating satellite. “Satellite” – site-companion, small auxiliary site, which is specially made to order, to facilitate the promotion of the main site. Sometimes the purpose of promotion of the main site is quite a large number of satellites. Each satellite is placed some information, for his subject is close to the main subject site and put links to main site. Usually, main site and each site satellite promote several different search queries, to collect as many visitors from search engines. Thus the rank, achieved and redirect visitors, yakі zayshli site-satelіti, the main site, and, through direct links from sites satellites to the main site, increased TIC and PR primary site, grow its position in search engines. But, as creators of search engines consider a satellite (tak, but, as purchase links) not quite the right method to attract visitors to the site, then the promotion via satellites need to be careful. On-Perche, Satellites not doldny impress dependent sites, sites, made only for the transfer of visitors to another site for search engine robots. Therefore, for the satellite sites to do a pretty good design and fill some very useful information. In order, that search engines are not calculated and not banned your entire collection of satellites, not need to put them link to each other, but the main sayt.8) Buying advertising. This is the simplest, trebuschih not any time spent, way to attract visitors to your site. At the same time, this way and the most expensive. However, for commercial sites, including competition for visitors, and, respectively, for pokupcív, more big, purchase of advertising is much, to which they involuntarily have to resort. The network has various types of advertising. Banner Ads, Âk rule, paid depending on the number of hits, text advertising is often paid based on clicks. Although the cost of clicks, generally higher, but in this case you, at least, can be sure, that pay only for actual conversions of visitors to your site, not just for those, that someone saw your ad. Currently, almost all search engines offer contextual advertising, and, I must say, that in many cases buying contextual advertising itself justifies, even if you are simultaneously playing and other methods of promotion saytu.III. How not to untwist the site.
Concerned to bring the site as many visitors, Some webmasters and “Optimizers” tried and are trying to use a variety of clever tricks, viverti i nechesnі methodological, in an attempt to deceive users and search engine robots. Fight like cunning optimizers and those, who they proivostoit, lasts a long time and with varying success, but this time against the various tools and techniques, still massively used clever optimizers, developed countermeasures. In one hour, as cunning optimizers invent new and new ways for old, novice webmasters, often through ignorance trying to use any tricks or prohibited methods of optimization, coming before the, that their sites are imposed various sanctions, and the number of visitors not only increases, and becomes zero. About some things, you do not want to do with promotion of your site, mentioned above. What else is required besides:1) Do not advertise your site in a spam. On-Perche, Tsey method is absolutely neefektivny, because more number of messages will be killed spam filters, and you, To whom did they get, had never read. Per-second, have spam 100% people causing annoyance, and do not need experience illusions about what, that recipients would react favorably to your site. Per-third, if you send spam especially carefully, for you posiplyatsya Skarga vischestoyaschomu provider, Implications for Disposal Site in general, not kažuči VZE pro and, that outraged the recipients of spam to your site will hold various abominations, such as swearing in the guestbook and t. n .2) Do not place text on your site, which is not connected with the main theme of your site, and serves only to attract visitors, very interested in other things, search engine. Customers, who came to you for the queries, still immediately go, and your site may be sanctioned search engines. Do not try to hide the indexed search robot content from visitors. Not slіd, in particular, place at the Invisible (one koloru s background) or small text, and invisible links, hovati text invisible balls abo frames, try to palm off a different content and job search website. All these tricks in their detection inevitably will lead your site to ban.